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Date:               October 31, 2021

   ****** PRESS RELEASE ******

Brian W. Kelly Publishes his 216th Book

Merry Christmas to Wilkes-Barre 

"50 Ways" for Mayor George C. Brown to Create a Better City

Editors' Note: Book contents are dependent on major assumption: George C. Brown was elected Mayor on November 5, 2019. Would it not be nice if there were more than fifty ways to make Wilkes-Barre a nicer and better city? Well, there are! And, there is a link below to permit you to download  the whole book so you can hold the new Mayor accountable for providing WB residents every-one of those "50 ways," and even more.
Don't let the Mayor off the hook. Contact him every day if you must. 

Above == Cover of new book about how Wilkes-Barre can improve for the better Click on Read More and when you get to the end of the press release, there is a free download.  


Alert, Amazon has censored Brian Kelly's books. Ask them why? Until further notice, you cannot order a Brian Kelly Book from Amazon.  Kelly has appealed the Amazon ruling and is hoping the books will be back soon.  

As certified in 2017, by Wilkes-Barre, PA's Times Leader, using acceptable standards, Brian W. Kelly is the recognized most published non-fiction author in America. With this press release, Kelly is introducing to the public his latest non-fiction work, #216, titled: Merry Christmas to Wilkes-Barre: "50 Ways" for Mayor George C. Brown to Create a Better City. This book is written for Wilkes-Barre citizens, former citizens of Wilkes-Barre, Alums of the City's High Schools, Friends of Wilkes-Barre, and those who just like reading a great book. All books by Brian W. Kelly can be accessed at To purchase this book in hard copy (paperback), you may take this specific URL for Amazon as follows:  

Note from the Editor-in-chief:

I never know when the next Brian W. Kelly book will come down the pike. I estimated this one to be available about a week or two from now. It is available now--immediately if not sooner:

As the Editor in Chief of Lets Go Publish!, I do enjoy introducing myself every time I send out a press release for one of Brian Kelly's new books, so here goes again. I am Brian P. Kelly. I am the son of your author Brian W. Kelly. All books written by Brian W. Kelly and Brian Kelly (same person) can be accessed at The books are available at booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can purchase either a paperback version or a Kindle version or you can download a PDF for a limited time for free. Yes, I said free, meaning no charge. The link is shown below.

To view or purchase this book as well as all other Brian W. Kelly books on Amazon--our printer and main distributor, you may take this URL as follows: When you reach this author's site, type the book title or a part of it into the Search Box. Select paperback or eBook / Kindle. Sort by publication date. If a particular book does not show on the search, please try in a few days as they are being loaded. Thank you. The specific direct links for the various versions of Merry Christmas to Wilkes-Barre, which was released in late September 2019, are as follows:

Paperback: Merry Christmas to WB:          
Kindle -- Merry Christmas to WB:      
Download via pdf-- Merry Christmas to WB        Download the MC to WB Book(free)

Here is the official description (inside the book) of the brand new book titled Merry Christmas to Wilkes-Barre: "50 Ways" for Mayor George C. Brown to Create a Better City. Surely George C. will make Wilkes-Barre a model city if he can.

Book Description:

The information in this book is a great Christmas gift for the citizens of Wilkes-Barre, PA.
Receiving this paperback book as a Christmas Gift, I bet would would put a big smile on your face.

After all the promises made by the five mayoral candidates in the 2015 election, do you believe that things in the City improved at all now that it is 2019? Your author made some of those promises but unfortunately, he was not elected so he could not fulfill any.
You may recall that to go along with an increasing crime rate, just five years ago, in the middle of Mayor Tony George's first term, a pair of researchers from Harvard & the University of British Columbia respectively, concluded that the Wilkes-Barre /Scranton metro area was the most unhappy place in the USA. That's not good! A recently retired County Coroner noted the death rate from drugs is four times higher in Wilkes-Barre City than New York City. George Brown is trying his best to solve the problems of the City.
One could readily conclude that if Mayor George were happy with that, he would be the only one happy with how things became for the people of the Electric City. Nonetheless the Mayor decided to give it a try for another four years. He was defeated in the Democrat Primary by George C. Brown, another fine man who is thrilled to be the new Mayor as much as we are to have him. 
Wilkes-Barre residents know that I wrote a book earlier in the election year about John Q. Doe becoming the next  great Mayor of the City of Wilkes-Barre. However, he is fictional, and Mayor Brown is the real deal. Out of the two, for a real four-year term, I would put my money on George C. Brown. He became our new Mayor in January 
I do wish Mr. Brown were more vocal about what his plans would be as Mayor as I know I for one have asked him to adopt a plan that included fifty ways to improve our city substantially. Mr. Brown and I have not spoken in person about this since the primary season. I am happy that Mr. Brown, now Mayor Brown had a great showing in the Nov. 5 general election and that he becomes the nest Mayor in Wilkes-Barre history. I would hope he entertains every good notion that I have written about how he can improve our potentially great City--all "50 Ways." I am hoping that he invites me into the Red Brick House (City Hall) so we can discuss ways in which great things can be implemented for our great city.
The good news for Wilkes-Barre and for Mayor Brown is that I have written it all down.  The same plan that "John Doe," in an earlier book, had put together anonymously to help the City is in my hands and I am willing to share. The John Doe Plan which I designed in 1Q 2019, intended to make Wilkes-Barre the best City in the country if only John Q. Doe, or somebody just like him like perhaps George C. Brown now that he is elected. Since Tony George did not make it a second term, my friend George C. Brown is the guy.
George C. Brown won the Primary day but he has been very quiet since. He is now the Mayor, enjoying his term. Picking the right person for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre has not been easy. Residents had to make sure that the same ole routine would not happen again in WB. Knowing what a good Mayor would do to create a better City, as I detailed in the John Doe book, I gave the people a great read about how the Mayor (George C. Brown) can save the City. I think he is listening. The message for the people of course is Do not settle for anything less. Elect John Q. Doe for Mayor. If Doe won't or can't serve, then, use the John Doe Plan, aka the WB City Plan as detailed in the Doe Book. Folks, George C. Brown is now the People' John Q. Doe. Perhaps George C, would say what John Q. said when running as a fictitious character in the Spring during the primary election season. It was inspiring.

We're waiting George!

Press release continues:

I like to ask, "Who is this unknown non-fiction author?"

Well, you would never know that Brian W. Kelly, my dad, has even written one book, as his anonymity comes mostly from him not being part of the national mainstream press. With his most recent books bringing his total in print to 216, Kelly has now written a ton of books about various non-fiction matters. Some past volumes, such as Wilkes-Barre PA: Return to Glory and The Wilkes-Barre Christmas Story , and The Ghost of Wilkes-Barre Future, are very popular and they sell very well in Northeastern PA.  Brian has been asked to have a book signing at a local Barnes & Noble in the Wyoming Valley Mall sometime soon and he will say, "yes."  now that the store is rejuvenated. Perhaps he will pick up the phone and call Barnes & Noble and suggest the Merry Christmas to Wilkes-Barre book. Then, again, I never know what Dad is thinking.

My father never stops writing and with 216 books to his credit, his resume is quite impressive even as it continues to grow. Just yesterday, his book total was 215 books and on August 13, 2019, the total was 203 . OK folks, that's it for the secrets I am not supposed to tell. 

You can learn a lot by reading Brian W. Kelly's many works.

Since my father wrote Great Moments in Army Football, in August 2017, he has written more than seventy-five other books about sports and matters that affect the citizens of Wilkes-Barre PA and the rest of the United States.  My dad likes to make jokes about things so his serious work is not taken too seriously. One of his favorite comments to those who love him is his light suggestion to take any of his books into the "turl" with you, and whether the "go" (think of the blue Charmin bears) is good or not, you will be there, alone, a lot longer than otherwise.

Remember many of Brian W. Kelly's books are for sale at Barnes & Noble online and all of his books are for sale by Amazon. You can see them all at or I bet if you hunted outside these bounds, you would find other Kelly books.

As you now know, Brian just finished this, his is 216th book which is titled-- Merry Christmas to Wilkes-Barre: �50 Ways� for  Mayor George C. Brown to Create a Better City. It is now available. I think he intends to take an hour off (joke joke), so we cannot say what book he is working on right now but he is surely thinking of something. Since it has not yet hit his writers' tablet, we have no idea what it will be or when it will appear in the marketplace. 

Thank you very much for reading the press releases I write, and may God bless you. Maybe one day, I will write a book about you but for now, I am kept quite busy.

Have a Great Life!

Brian P. Kelly, Esq.
Editor and Publisher
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