A book that tells the tale about Wilkes-Barre Area’s corruption, deception, taxation & tyranny

A struggle for safe, enduring neighborhood schools.

We can’t wait until there are no WB high schools and the tax burden is unsustainable.

As the title says, this book describes the travesty perpetrated by the now famous corrupt Wilkes-Barre Area School Board. Ask the Auditor General how the board is doing so far. Not so good!   

This book was released on August 12, 2019.

It is written by Brian W. Kelly who has a lot of his own ideas. The book is not endorsed by the Save Our Schools Group because Brian Kelly wanted no constraints on what he could say about this deplorable situation which the board has left the City of Wilkes-Barre and surrounds.  Brian hopes that the people of Wilkes-Barre, who are hurt the most by this boondoggle and all the other communities join together to vote-in a slate of candidates who promise to represent the people. That is a strange notion in this day and age. Before children begin to cough and wheeze and become hospitalized because of the Board's malfeasance in selecting a toxic mine dump site for a school. Brian Kelly wanted you to be aware of what you vote for if you say all is OK, let's keep the current board in tact. God forgive you if you do.   

Here is the description of the book as presented in the book itself:

The Big Toxic School!

Wilkes-Barre Area’s Tale of Corruption, Deception, Taxation & Tyranny

A struggle for safe, enduring neighborhood schools.

We can’t wait until there are no WB high schools and the tax burden is unsustainable.

In this book, you will learn about the actions taken by a democratically elected board of directors whose job is to manage the affairs of the Wilkes-Barre Area School District.

Unfortunately, in this book and through other sources, you will also learn that though this board was duly elected by the people, they lied about their intentions. In fact, they misrepresented themselves by agreeing, if elected, to represent the people and provide for the needs of the people above all else. We will cite quotations from citizens subject to the board’s dictates. You will see that this board has chosen to follow a corrupt course of action rather than follow the known wishes of the people of the area which they serve.

The essence of the issue in dispute is whether perfectly maintainable and well-built and historically relevant neighborhood school structures in the City of Wilkes-Barre should be abandoned, discarded, and torn down so that the board can build its idea of a Taj Mahal School on top of a toxic mine dump, in a community outside the city expected to give up its high schools for this folly. The three WB City High Schools currently meet the needs of the students and the taxpayers of the City of Wilkes-Barre. Coughlin, GAR, and Meyers.

The current board believes it has served the people well. Yet, they have no maintenance plan and have had no plan for the upkeep of school buildings for over fifty years if ever. They have no qualified staff to provide maintenance work in any of the $300,000,000 worth of properties, which are “owned” by the school district. Why is this so important?

If the board had the proper team of in-house builders, and maintainers, and a plan for them to do their jobs regularly, keeping the properties maintained, there would not be an urgent need today to replace the three historically relevant high schools in Wilkes-Barre City with an abomination built outside the city limits on a toxic mine shaft. The board, over the citizens objections, plans to tear down these historical structures because the board itself did not perform its trustee role in maintaining them. The board failed and they are preparing to fail again. The board’s dream school shall not be built because the people can do better than the decisions of a myopic school board. Despite grave warnings, this board has chosen to place the health of students at risk. What esteemed body working for the public good would subject those learning or working in Mine Shaft High from breathing in the toxic fumes from the designed school built on top of a hazardous waste dump.

More and more citizens of the Area believe we were duped into believing the words of the Consigliere that putting poor Wilkes-Barre Area citizens in debt up to a half billion or more dollars after the State’s contribution, was the only solution to having children well-educated in this area. How long do we think it will be that the foreclosure teams from the county and other taxing bodies would be coming for all the properties of the elderly who won’t be able to pay the taxes required for the board’s Taj Mahal. Folks, there is no need for this monstrosity and there are a few names you need to know who will change the school board to represent the people instead of the outside interests of board members. These names are Terry Schiowitz, Robin Shudak, Jody Busch, Beth Anne Owens, and Debra Formola. Folks, reading this book is a must. Tell your friends to download it for free by clicking on this link.