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In 2015, Brian Kelly ran for Mayor of WIlkes-Barre. I ran to win. I let a number of my ideas persist on various web sites so Tony George and now George C. Brown could examine some ideas that were not necessarily their own to see if there would be something there to help the people. This was a subtle way of helping Mayors who may not want any help. Not too subtly, a week ago I finished a new book titled Merry Christmas to Wilkes-Barre: "50 Ways" for Mayor George C. Brown to make WIlkes-Barre a better City. It is available at Amazon

I was serious when I ran but nobody knew me so I lost. C'est la vie. Yet, I can still help though I never will run again for public office. 

These Brian Kelly for Mayor ads were designed very well by the Times Leader and The Citizens Voice. There may be something everybody can use so I leave them here. 

The campaign ads in the Times Leader and the Citizens Voice are right here. Simply click on the ad you would like to see.

Click on the ad below to see it in PDF form from 2015 when I thought I had a chance at being Mayor of Wilkes-Barre--not an easy job by the way...  

First Ad Friday May 8 & Friday May 15

2nd Ad -- Book - Return to glory May 15

3rd Ad Citizens Voice