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Date:               March 26, 2015

         ****** PRESS RELEASE ******

Mayoral Candidate Brian Kelly Announces a Write-In Campaign for Republican Voters

Brian Kelly, a JFK (conservative) Democrat, who is on the Democratic Ballot in the May 19, 2015 Pennsylvania primary is asking for Republicans to write-in their vote for Brian Kelly for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre. The process is quite simple. For Republicans with one Republican candidate on the ballot should look below or above this name of "other" as a choice. Pick this instead of the named candidate. Since the voting machine is a computer, it will create a keyboard like one of your smart phones and invite you to type in a candidate's name. In this area type, Brian Kelly and close the box in the manner constructed, and then move on to other candidates for other offices. Democrats do not have to write in Kelly's name as he is on the official ballot for Mayor.

Brian Kelly is a JFK Democrat, with Wilkes-Barre sane and conservative values. Kelly is for the people, not for the politicians or the elite leaders in either political party. Unlike the favorites in the race, Kelly has never served in public office and has never been employed by government in any capacity.

He is a recognized expert in large IBM computers, systems, and software, having served the IBM Corporation for 23 plus years as a Senior Systems Engineer.

In this capacity, Kelly was IBM's resident expert in county and municipal government software packages, and he worked with IBM Marketing representatives in describing and demonstrating IBM software solutions for government.

After retiring from IBM, Kelly served as a faculty professor in Business Information Technology at Marywood University, from which he recently retired. During this time, he also ran his own IT Consultancy.

Kelly has written fifty-nine books and hundreds of articles. His recent book, Wilkes-Barre PA, Return to Glory is doing quite well in Northeastern PA.

Kelly knows what changes are needed to run Wilkes-Barre City like a precision instrument. He has detailed his plans for a safe city, an affordable city, and a clean city on his campaign web site. At the site, you may also download his new book for free. Brian Kelly is the perfect candidate for Republicans and Democrats.

As many know, there is no cross-filing for Mayor permitted in PA. However, the law says Republicans who think Kelly is their best shot at a necessary change for Wilkes-Barre may write him in as the Republican Candidate in the Primary.

Brian Kelly notes that:

"I think of myself as a good Democrat as most of the folks in NEPA, Wilkes-Barre in particular, think of themselves. I am not a liberal progressive or a Marxist as many in the Party Leadership have become, especially at the Federal level. And, so I have not asked for any endorsements of the local Democratic Committee. 

"I do want everybody in Wilkes-Barre to vote for me or I would not have run for this important office. I am asking Democrats to look for my name, Brian Kelly, on the official Democratic ballot, and please vote for me. I do want to be elected. I want to be able to serve the people of Wilkes-Barre so that I can help bring about our return to glory. Therefore I am bringing my campaign directly to the people; not the Party Leaders.

"Because I am an underdog compared to the well-established Democratic candidates, and because party affiliation is not as important in my eyes as the candidate himself, I have decided to help my chances to be elected in the Fall by asking Republicans to write me in as their Republican candidate for Mayor when they vote in the Primary Election on May 19th. Thank you very much"

About Brian Kelly:
Brian Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and Retired Professor of Business and Information Technology (BIT) at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. He was a candidate for US Congress from PA District 11 in 2010. Kelly is now a candidate running or Mayor in his home town of Wilkes-Barre PA. Brian still manages his own IT business ( You can check out his campaign website at (