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Date:               March 23, 2015

         ****** PRESS RELEASE ******

How important is it to know somebody in Wilkes-Barre politics to have a favored life?

     If you know nobody-- know me -- I am you!

Brian Kelly writes:

"If you know nobody in Wilkes-Barre and you have heard that nothing happens in Wilkes-Barre unless you know somebody, remember that I know nobody either, and you are the perfect person that I am looking for. I am not for the politicos who have taken our city to the edge of doom. I ask you to vote for me to be your Mayor because again, I know nobody either, and none of us should have to know anybody in government to be treated like human beings and to have the same rights as those who know a somebody."

"I have already heard that I am not a serious candidate for Mayor because I have not been seen at all of the political events that are held in the City this time of year for one candidate or another. In fact, so far, I have been at none. How about you? I may show up someplace, sometime soon to show that I am alive. Maybe! I like to think of myself as the candidate for the never represented--the never invited-- the many who would not show if they were invited to become political. You do not have to be political to vote. You simply have to care about your City and vote for somebody that you think will help! get us moving again in the right direction!"

"Watch out! Sometime in your future you may find me in you neighborhood. One day I may be at Weissman Park, in Kirby Park, on Public Square, in Huber Park or Miner Park; or perhaps Eyerman Park, or up there in Parsons or Hollenback Parks... or wherever. I may even show up at the South Wilkes-Barre Colliery Fire House where I grew up. I sure hope the weather breaks so I can get out there to meet you all -- those who know nobody in official Wilkes-Barre. Feel free to bring a sandwich! We cannot afford to let the politicians run this election for Mayor, Council, and Magistrates. We must get out and vote."    

Brian Kelly's plan for being Mayor of Wilkes-Barre City is embodied in his recommended actions for a safe city, an affordable city, and a clean city-- as part of Wilkes-Barre's Return to Glory!  Kelly has a set of plans and actions defined for all three of the goals needed to achieve a return to glory. All are spelled out on this campaign web site, In November, when Brian announced his intentions to run for Mayor at Keats' Pub in East End, Wilkes-Barre, he outlined a number of specifics in each of these categories. None of Kelly's themes for the City require anybody in Wilkes-Barre to have to know anybody to have an equal shot at getting ahead in this fine City.

When you ask yourself if you want "same or different" for Wilkes-Barre in the future, look at all the candidates, and ask yourself, "same or different?" Then, do what you need to do!

About Brian W. Kelly,:
Brian W. Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and Retired Professor of Business and Information Technology (BIT) at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. He was a candidate for US Congress from PA District 11 in 2010. Kelly is now a candidate running for Mayor in his home town of Wilkes-Barre PA. Brian still manages his own IT business ( You can check out his campaign website at ( He has a new book available on his Web Site titled, Wilkes-Barre,PA: Return to Glory. You can download it for free by taking the link.