Let's Go Publish! apologizes to the press and the public for our not being able to count as well as we should. Upon further examination, we found that in our internal list of Brian W. Kelly's books, we had included a book twice in his long list of books. This gave the impression that this new book is Mr. Kelly's 59th book. It is in fact, his 58th. 

We regret this mistake, but nobody more than Brian Kelly regrets it more as the author was expecting that his next book would be his 60th book. Now, he has to keep his pen out for at least a few more months.

The original press release of February 19th is substantially abbreviated and corrected below. Additionally, Let's Go Publish! is pleased to note that the book is selling well in the Wilkes-Barre area. It is available for purchase now in Wilkes-Barre at Peters' Ice Cream Store, Philly's Phinest, and Harrold's Pharmacy. Barnes & Noble on South Main Street has their evaluation copy and have told us they support local authors and so we expect it to be on their shelves very soon. It is also for sale online at www.bookhawkers.com.   

Hard copies of the book are already available to read or reference for free at the King's College Library and the Osterhaout Free Library. We will be donating several copies to the Wilkes-University Library this week.

You may download your own electronic copy of the book for free using the following link: www.briankellyformayor.com

****** PRESS RELEASE ******

Wilkes-Barre PA: Return to Glory!


Brian Kelly�s 58th book helps Wilkes-Barreans know their City can come back!

Any lines below that the press would like to attribute to Brian Kelly the author are fine, with or without quotes. 
Brian Kelly is one of the top authors in the United States with 58 books to his credit. He not only lives in Pennsylvania--He lives in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. As Kelly looked at his home town city right after the beginning of 2015, he put his thoughts on paper about the good times, the bad times, and the future glory times. it was his inspiration for writing this book.

In the book, like he has done many times in his life, Kelly takes trips through all the sections of Wilkes-Barre from East End to South Wilkes-Barre to the Rolling Mill Hill. He travels through Parsons and Miners Mills, and North End, as well as through the Heights and the Iron Triangle and Brookside. He enjoys a lot of stops along the way as you will too.

The book has lots of great pictures of many buildings and Wilkes-Barre edifices. Some are long gone and some remain as monuments to our past days of glory.  Kelly tells a lot of stories about how things were in this bustling mining town years ago in the great days before the flood of 1972. The author remains positive as he looks for a return to glory soon for his favorite city.

Kelly also takes us on a trip through Wilkes-Barre on the other side of the River, including the Wilkes-Barre Zoo, Kirby Park, and Artillery Park, where Babe Ruth hit the longest home run of his career. 

Kelly concludes his notions of a Return to Glory with:

"Those who grew up in this City, as well as those who love our Diamond City, will enjoy this  book. Few books are a must-read but Brian Kelly�s Wilkes-Barre, PA: Return to Glory! will melt your heart as your author recounts some great stories from the past and points out how to stop the decline and move this city back to glory. This book needs to be at the top of your reading list, especially for those who have ever lived in Wilkes-Barre, PA."

About Brian W. Kelly, the author who wrote this work in the first six weeks of January, 2015.

Brian W. Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and Professor of Business and Information Technology (BIT) at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. He was a candidate for US Congress from PA District 11 in 2010,  and considered the US Senate in 2012. Kelly is now a candidate running or Mayor in his home town of Wilkes-Barre PA. Brian still manages his own IT business. You can learn about it at (www.kellyconsulting.com) .
Mr. Kelly works very hard while writing several patriotic books each year to help America. This is his fifty-eighth book and his first in 2015. You may reach Brian by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by contacting the publisher at 570-417-1558.
This book and all of Brian Kelly�s patriotic books, and many of his technical books, published by Lets Go Publish! Publishers (www.letsgopublish.com) are available for purchase at BookHawkers, Internet Booksellers! (www.bookhawkers.com).