Wouldn’t  the hard working parents of the baby boomers be surprised?

Something happened to the Democratic Party since I first joined. I was just twenty-three years old. I spent my first two years as a voter registered as an Independent and then my father helped me understand that in Pennsylvania, being Independent meant that I could not vote in the primaries.
So, I changed from to Democrat, like my dad.

We were very close and talked a lot about how things were in America and in the neighborhoods for years and years. Before my dad passed away, we spent lots of time talking about the way things had changed in the Democratic Party.

The change was not good. It moved the party into being more and more progressive / socialist and the party no longer stood for individual liberty and freedom.

Under today's norms, JFK would be classified as a conservative. Like most Americans growing up in the 1960s, JFK remains as one of my heroes. 

Yes, I am for helpless people but I am not for making people helpless.