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Date:           May 11, 2015

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Note to Press: You may use all or part of this press release in a report or column. It was written by the candidate. 

Rabbi Larry Kaplan of Kingston wrote in February 2015 to the Times Leader about his perceptions of how Steve Corbett treats call-in "Guests," on his show. My personal perspective is that Corbett actually treats guests as interlopers, the best synonym for a Steve Corbett guest. The dictionary describes an interloper as a person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong -- and not as guests at all. Kaplan's words are as follows:

"Father Leo McKernan did indeed make a mistake, but it wasn't showing a movie about abortion to his CCD students. It was taking a call from columnist and WILK radio host Steve Corbett and expecting to be treated appropriately.

"Instead he was excoriated by Corbett, who is nothing more than a bully that demands on his radio program: 'You better listen!'  "

Corbett makes fun of guests to boost his ratings and he nails non-guests that he thinks he can have fun with because they do not have their own talk shows. On the Corbett Show, Corbett controls the dialogue and Rabbi Kaplan knows Corbett does not understand the term "fair." Corbett does not debate anybody. He controls the start and stop buzzers. When somebody gets ahead, he shuts them down. 

He even takes shots at non-guests. Here is a non-guest that got it square in the teeth in Corbett's words: " Daddy Kane and Mommy Kane worked very hard over the years to raise Baby Kane. As a result, Baby Kane -- also known as Jared Martin Kane -- raised quite a bit of Caine of his own." Cute Corbett, though quite juvenile! Intended to hurt the candidacy of Jared Kane and concurrently lift the candidacy of Tom Malloy. Most sane people that I talk to, take no stock in Corbett's rants. Corbett doesn't count.

There are very few opportunities for those candidates not well funded to get air time on TV or radio. The TV stations act as if they operate outside of our area and never have a show on that helps the citizenry decide who they should consider for office. Just about anybody can get on the Corbett show on WILK because Corbett does not seek the truth. He seeks to make fun of people who are doing their best to serve. Most sane people who actually have something to say are pleased to pass up the free air time on Corbett, because the MC treats just about everybody poorly -- the way the Rabbi notes that he treated Fathery Leo McKerman.

Today, May 11, all the Wilkes-Barre mayoral candidates who were not on the show got a tongue lashing from the smartest man in the world, Steve Corbett. He even had the time to whack me for what I think is the first time in this campaign. The last time he mocked me was when he read my Kelly for Congress Web Site in 2010 and found that I was a Sexagenarian. Corbett had a few laughs intimating that meant I was a sex fiend. Funny! Not really! But typical Corbett.

So, today he whacked me about sending him emails, filling his email box up and then not coming on his show. The only emails I sent to Mr. Corbett were in response to emails he sent to me. I do send press releases (about fifteen so far this campaign) which the press folks, including Corbett receive as a way for a candidate to communicate with them about what's going on. That's how Corbett learned that I plan to appoint a Public Safety Director for the City. You see the man that said I send him too many emails actually learned something by reading one of my press releases. Corbett then said that I had never read the City Charter but this is not true and it was certainly nothing I cited in any of my press releases. To check out Corbett's accusations, for the heck of it, I did search for the words "police" and "commissioner" in the charter and found no such references-- no Hits!.

So If Mr. Corbett thinks my plan to help Wilkes-Barre is illegal because of the City Charter, perhaps he can tell us why exactly-- rather than blow wind in our faces.

Corbett: What do you think of a special violent crime unit,  which is the real crux of my crime solution? Will that help? Would you fight for it if, say it is "illegal," because it can help the city; or would you be happier mocking the person who made the suggestion? Do you think more of the same stuff from the same guys who run the city now is the best approach for the future?  

By the way, I don't have a talk show. The best way for me to communicate on an even basis to talk show hosts like you Mr. Corbett--those who would rather excoriate guests than have a real dialogue; is to send out press releases that do not cost me anything and which come complete, without the host being able to shut them off in midstream. So, along with the rest of the NEPA press corps, you are receiving one hundred percent of my thoughts on this particular matter right now-- all of the press at the same time. Yes, you have my permission to read this press release on the Air! And, no, I do not want to talk to you on your show. Thank you.

Who is Brian Kelly?

Brian Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and college professor. Kelly says Wilkes-Barre needs a mayor from outside the current political system. Kelly�s campaign platform includes making the city more open and friendly to business and making Wilkes-Barre a safe, affordable and clean city.