The Downtown Residents Association is Hosting a forum for Mayoral Candidates that is open to the public beginning at 7:00 PM Monday May 4, 2015
The program is at the Wilkes Henry Center Ballroom 84 West South Street. Candidates may arrive at the ballroom at 6:30 p.m. The Forum will start at 7:00 p.m.
Additional Candidate Information:
Candidates may bring 1 sign that will be on display in the ballroom and election materials to be given to the public following the formal part of the Forum. 
All candidates will have 3 minutes to introduce themselves and give their qualifications and vision that they have for Wilkes-Barre. Following the introductions the candidates will answer 3 - 6 questions (depending on time) Each candidate will answer all questions.
There is a 3 minute time limit to answer the questions.
The moderators hope to end the formal session so that the candidates will have about 30 minutes to informally meet with the audience.  
The plan is to give the voters more information about the candidates.
The association thanks all candidates for arranging to join us.