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Date:               April 14, 2015
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         ****** PRESS RELEASE ******


For almost two months, Brian Kelly has been begging City Hall, the Wilkes-Barre Press, Wilkes-Barre Ballrooms--such as Genettis, the local colleges, etc. to permit the local candidates to speak to the people. Kelly says nobody with a nice room seems interested in hosting anybody without money.

Brian Kelly has written to Mayor Leighton to permit all candidates to speak at City Hall so the people could hear them all for all offices without it costing anything. Too bad, the Mayor said it was illegal. Therefore, Brian Kelly has chosen to do it by himself, free of charge for all the people of Wilkes-Barre.

So far as Kelly knows, setting up a soap box in a park in Wilkes-Barre is still free.

Mayors such as Lisman in the past have done similar things and Walter Lisman was never arrested. Kelly bought himself a $26.00 soapbox from Walmart as such items are now a zillion dollars when bought on eBay etc. Kelly plans to visit each of the parks in Wilkes-Barre; stand on his cheap soapbox; hope it supports him; and then he plans to give a five to ten minute speech to the people of Wilkes-Barre about why he thinks he is the best candidate for Mayor of the City. Who else do you know that has been doing any of that kinda stuff lately?

Come see the candidate speak to the people next chance you get